Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Cream Review

Nature Republic, a store known its natural ingredients, has a line of facial moisturizers called Super Aqua Max. There are three variations of the moisturizer and each is made for a different skin type.  The moisturizer for oily skin types is called Fresh Watery Cream and comes in a blue jar. The moisturizer for combination skin types is called Combination Watery Cream and comes in a green jar. Finally, the moisturizer I will be reviewing, is the one for dry skin types called Moisture Watery and comes in a cute pink jar. They contain deep sea water from off the coasts of Kona, Hawaii. The brand claims that the creams for dry and combination skin provide moisture for 72 hours and the cream for oily skin lasts 24 hours.

Nature Republic Super Aqua Max


All three versions of the cream cost 12,500₩ (aprox. $11) for 80ml of product.

Nature Republic Super Aqua Max


The Super Aqua Max cream has a fairly strong floral fragrance. While the scent is pleasant, it does not dissipate quickly and can become overwhelming very rapidly. If you’re sensitive to scents I wouldn’t recommend this product. The smell lasted for about 15-20 minutes and bothered me the whole time.

Nature Republic Super Aqua Max


The cream is very emulsive and seeps into my skin as soon as I apply it. My face felt very smooth and moisturized for awhile. However, after a couple hours my skin felt dry again. My skin type is very dry so this cream might be great for someone with normally dry skin but for my quenched skin — it sank. The skin on my face felt tight and dry fairly quickly. I soon needed to apply more cream to my face to help prevent my skin from feeling like a desert. I think that for most people with dry skin it will work better than it did on me. My skin is insanely dry and most moisturizers don’t work on me.

Nature Republic Super Aqua Max

Allergies & Sensitivities

My skin is very sensitive, especially to moisturizers. Unfortunately, this particular cream also bothered my skin. It irritated my skin causing it to be red and break out. In addition to my skin, I was also sensitive to its strong scent. As I mentioned before the scent lasts quite a long time and can be overpowering if you’re sensitive to smells.

Nature Republic Super Aqua Max

Love it or Leave it?

In summation… leave it! Rating 3/5.

If you have very dry skin, sensitive skin, and/or sensitive to strong smells don’t buy it unless you have the opportunity to try it out first. If your skin isn’t too dry and the above doesn’t apply to you I think this moisturizer is a good inexpensive addition to your skincare regime.

Ingredients (click to enlarge)

Nature Republic Super Aqua Max

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